Your AMS is Just One Step Toward a Holistic Association Ecosystem

By Beth Power and Chris Gloede

You probably can’t imagine your association without an AMS. It’s an instinctive component of your organization. But how do you bring your association into today’s world and what are the other digital pieces you should be integrating? Associations need to take advantage of the changes to the quickly-evolving tech ecosystem to provide a better digital member experience. And there are big and small systems you can add to make a quick improvement for your members.

Our new white paper, The New Association Tech Ecosystem: Powering Member Experiences with Integration and Specialization, explores the evolving technology philosophy and finding the right fit for your association. And just as important, we illustrate the expanding specialized solution marketplace to take your tech stack to the next level, beyond the AMS.

Four areas to consider when looking to create a holistic ecosystem of data and services.

AMS, Analytics, Donor Management, Integration, Payment Processing

Your AMS may be the cornerstone of your tech stack, but it’s what you do with that data that turns your organization from a ‘system of record’ to a ‘system of action’. Payment processing and donor management may also be standard, but are you using analytics to drive decisions? And are you integrating systems beyond single sign-on to leverage that data between systems for personalization and analysis? Analytics and integration are now as foundational as your AMS.

Event Management, Influencer Management, Marketing Automation, Online Advertising

The days of blasting emails to all of your members are over. Marketing automation is the bedrock of today’s ability to reach your members in a personalized and targeted manner. And with events evolving, your event management tool should be able to manage that evolution. Rounding out your communication, don’t forget the importance of personalized online advertising and managing influencers.

Advocacy, Content Management System, Search, Video

The pivot to everything being remote has created challenges for every business, including associations. Whether it’s improving search for your members to find value quickly or creating more video to get your content to your members safely, distribution plays an evolving, yet critical role. And your content management system is vital to how you present the value you bring to your members.

Career Center, Community, Learning Management System, Mobile Community

Creating value is as fundamental as how you promote and distribute it. From your online community to your career center to your learning management system, how your member engages with your value proposition is an important mainstay of your association technology.

Each of these areas have association-first vendors who can integrate with and enhance your AMS. Please see the Association Specialized Solution Marketplace for providers to meet each of these functions.

About the Authors
Beth Power
Beth Power is an association consultant with both a marketing and IT background, translating business needs into technology solutions.

Chris Gloede
Chris Gloede is the chief consultant for Ricochet Advisors, a firm helping associations modernize membership and marketing.

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