The 2019 AFG Benchmarking Report

The 2019 AFG Benchmarking Report was produced by AFG’s valued partner, CCS.  CCS will present a session on how to leverage the report at the AFG National Conference in May.

In addition to the 2019 AFG Benchmarking Report, we are excited to offer a NEW, additional, format that will allow you to analyze the data on a deeper level. We have compiled an expansive, excel data file of 45 survey participants (62% of the entire file), that will provide you a significant amount of additional data; including size, sector, budget, etc. to better create and justify your fundraising goals to your board of directors. This format enables you to manipulate the data to compare associations that align with your own circumstances. To purchase this additional, excel file for $375, please contact us at 202-449-9551.

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