Four Tips for Career Management

News | April 12, 2018

By: Bob Corlett, President, Staffing Advisors

An esteemed panelist from last year’s AFG Annual Conference, Bob Corlett, President at Staffing Advisors, shares his best practices in career management below.

  1. Learn exactly how your job aligns with the strategic plan/mission of the organization. (What does the CEO and the Board care about?) As Peter Drucker put it, “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”
  2. Develop a way to measure your impact, especially as it relates to the strategic priorities of the organization. Develop your own metrics, ideally for key areas like revenue generation, cost reduction, member/user experience, and productivity/capacity/efficiency. Track and report to your leaders regularly. For ideas, read Get Your Own Yardstick to Beat Your CFO (In An Argument, That Is).
  3. You cannot expect straightforward advancement to another job (be more creative with your career ladder.) Learn what work experiences prepare people for the next role you want, and find a way to get those experiences (without sacrificing the quality of your main responsibilities).
  4. Develop your team members (if you have a team). Help to develop their skills in much the same way as you develop your own. The best way to retain great people is to make them more marketable. Don’t be a roadblock.

Bob Corlett is the founder and President of Staffing Advisors. He’s been named as one of the 100 most influential people in staffing, is a nationally syndicated writer for the American Cities Business Journals, a contributor for Glassdoor for Employers, and a founding member of the Editorial Advisory Board for The HR Examiner. Bob is a frequent speaker for the Society for Human Resources Management. The Staffing Advisors website contains hundreds of articles on innovation, staffing, leadership and performance management.

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