2019 Association Foundation Group Benchmarking Survey

The 2019 Association Foundation Group Benchmarking Survey is now available! 

This survey of Association Foundations and Associations/Parent Organizations provides valuable information on board structure, fundraising tactics, foundation relationships, and donor trends. The survey results are invaluable for creating policies, comparing your organization to industry peers and incorporating informed, data-driven fundraising and performance goals to into your overall strategies.  The Association Foundation Group (AFG) conducted the 2019 Benchmarking Survey in partnership with CCS Fundraising (CCS). We extend our sincere appreciation to CCS for producing the report and being a valued partner of AFG.

In addition to this FREE aggregate report, you may purchase an Excel data file that enables you to analyze the data on a deeper level. With the data file, you can evaluate your organization’s performance in key areas and compare it to organizations of similar size, budget, sector, etc.

To receive your copy of the AFG Benchmarking Survey Report and/or to purchase the Excel data file, please complete the form below.

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