2016 Conference Call For Speakers

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The Association Foundation Group is the only organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge and education of association foundation and association fundraising professionals. We are now looking for engaging speakers with exceptional content that will lead to dynamic dialogue our 14th Annual National Conference: Challenge, Connect, Change  or 2016 (c)(3) for short.

Registration/Travel Costs
AFG is not permitted to pay honoraria or expenses including travel costs. All speakers must register for the conference at the reduced rate speaker rate or attend just for his/her session. Speaking engagements may qualify for CAE and CFRE credit. The session leader will be asked to adhere to a timeline that will be provided by AFG, and provide AFG with handout materials in advance of the conference.

Selection Process
To apply to be a speaker, please complete the application form and include the name of the session leader and the name of the second presenter, where applicable. (Please note that the maximum number of presenters for a session is two.) Please attach a brief description of your proposed session including two to three learning objectives. A typical breakout session/workshop is 50 minutes, including Q&A.
Consultants and vendors are invited to submit. However, we will only consider proposals from consultants and vendor if an association/foundation executive is the co-presenter. Sessions must be educational in nature and not sales orientated. Sales pitches or distribution of marketing materials is strictly prohibited. In fairness to those who submit proposals, please note that speakers are limited to participation in one session at the conference.

Session Topic Suggestions
The following topics have been developed as suggestions that relate to the theme. Please consider these topics as you prepare your application. Please incorporate one or more of the three words, Challenge, Connect, Change, in your session title.


  • Challenge of Technology: Adapting to new technologies to enhance fundraising
  • Challenges of Planned Giving: How to connect donors to the needs of the future [Possible Endowment Focus for Planned Giving?]
  • Challenge for Association Foundation: PAC and Foundation ? Collaboration or Competition?
  • Challenge of the Relationship between Association and Foundation: Too Close for Comfort


  • Connecting Association Members to the Association Foundation: Members to Donors [Look at messages, culture, and other factors]
  • Connecting with the Political Fundraising Model: What Can We Learn from Political Fundraising? [Has anyone used strategies from political fundraising to secure revenue for an association foundation?]
  • Connecting with Donors in New Ways: Giving Tuesday and Social Media ? A Case Study
  • Connecting to other Fundraising Professional Associations: the Best of the 2016 AFP International Conference [If you are attending AFP Conference in Boston in March and would be willing highlight the ?best? sessions you attended.]


  • Changing Dynamics for Connecting: Planning for Engagement of Younger Constituents
  • The Changing Focus of Philanthropy: Exploring the Potential of Social Investment in Association Foundations
  • Change – Innovative Development Strategies: Companies Built by Young Entrepreneurs ? Sharing Talents, Giving, and Information
  • Changing the Conversation with the CFO: Are We Speaking the Same Language?

Download the Application

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